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What Do You Have to Quit in Order to Stay?

Strategies to Sustain Our Careers

In this CARE4YOU 2023 session, Dr. Brian Miller discusses the importance of noticing our narratives and cultivating realistic ways of improving our relationship to our job stress.

June 2023

Moral Distress

When We Can’t Do the Right Thing

What is moral distress? In this video, Françoise Mathieu and John Borthwick share strategies to gain clarity about our role as helping professionals working in complex workplaces.

October 2022

It’s Not Just Bovines Who Chew the Cud

Understanding Rumination

Rumination can be destructive to our work and life when we feel helpless to escape this cycle of repetitive thoughts. In this discussion, Françoise Mathieu, Diana TIkasz, and Dr. Jennifer Russel explore the concept of rumination and share strategies to interrupt the cycle.

August 2022

Teaching What I Need to Learn

A Discussion with Scott Jones, Police Officer & Yoga Instructor

In this CARE4YOU 2022 session, Scott Jones shares the story of his wellness journey and how yoga has helped him as he reflects on his 30-year career in the Edmonton Police Services.

June 2022

Breaking Your Heart At Work

A Conversation About Career-Sustaining Practices with Dr. Brian Miller

Dr. Brian Miller is an author, researcher, and trauma clinician. In this conversation, he shares his lessons learned about secondary traumatic stress, career-sustaining practices, his research into the CE-CERT model.

October 2021

Making Space to Fall Apart

A Conversation on Compassionate Care with Dr. Alana Hirsh

Dr. Alana Hirsh is a family physician and a UBC Clinical Assistant Professor who specializes in addiction medicine and the integration of trauma and substance use disorder treatment. In this conversation, she shares her lessons learned working in in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside on the front lines of British Columbia's overdose epidemic.

September 2021

Advocacy Breeds Confidence

A Conversation About Imposter Syndrome with Dr. Matthew Chow

Dr. Matthew Chow is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and President of the Doctors of BE from 2020 - 2022. n this conversation, he shares his lessons learned about imposter syndrome and strategies to find confidence in our work.

May 2021

Faking It

Recognizing Imposter Syndrome

At what point in your career did you move from "faking it" to "making it?" In this discussion, Françoise Mathieu, Diana Tikasz. and Dr. Jennifer Russel discuss the phenomenon of imposter syndrome and how it manifests early in a helping professional's career.

May 2021

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