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Identifying Your Warning Signs

Reflecting on Your Physical, Behavioural, & Emotional Signs of Overwhelm

This downloadable PDF helps you identify your top three warning signs of empathic strain and secondary traumatic stress.

August 2023

It’s Not Just Bovines Who Chew the Cud

Understanding Rumination

Rumination can be destructive to our work and life when we feel helpless to escape this cycle of repetitive thoughts. In this discussion, Françoise Mathieu, Diana TIkasz, and Dr. Jennifer Russel explore the concept of rumination and share strategies to interrupt the cycle.

August 2022

Breaking Your Heart At Work

A Conversation About Career-Sustaining Practices with Dr. Brian Miller

Dr. Brian Miller is an author, researcher, and trauma clinician. In this conversation, he shares his lessons learned about secondary traumatic stress, career-sustaining practices, his research into the CE-CERT model.

October 2021

Race and Culture Have Everything to Do With It

Intersections of Secondary Traumatic Stress with Racism, Historical Trauma, and other Systems of Oppression

In this CARE4YOU 2021 session, Sandra Chase, Alison Hendricks, and Carmen Rosa Noroña explore how secondary traumatic stress intersects with culture, racism, historical trauma, and other systems of oppression.

June 2021

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