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CARE4YOU 2023 Closing Address

In this closing address for CARE4YOU 2023, Françoise Mathieu presents an overview of key strategies to become a secondary trauma-informed professional and offers some inspiring stories from the field.

June 2023

Compassion as a Catalyst for Change

The Leader’s Role in Addressing Burnout

In this keynote presentation for CARE4YOU 2023, Françoise Mathieu explores the essential role of leadership in managing burnout - no matter where you sit on the organizational hierarchy.

June 2023

Repair in the Workplace

Moving Away from Blaming and Shaming

Staff shortages, exhausted people, and unaddressed conflict are just a few of the complex challenges facing organizations. In this discussion, Françoise Mathieu, Diana TIkasz, and Dr. Jennifer Russel explore the importance of repair work and why it needs to happen before workplaces can move forward.

July 2022

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