Compassionate Leadership

A Conversation with Cambria Walsh and Tamsyn Brennan

About the Video

We have seen our workplaces and organizations undergo overwhelming changes and upheaval. Despite these challenges, there are leaders among us who have faced this crisis with flexibility, empathy, and compassion. What can we learn from these champions of compassionate leadership? How do we incorporate the values of compassionate leadership in our own teams and organizations?

In this session, Françoise Mathieu, Cambria Walsh, and Tamsyn Brennan discuss the importance of compassionate leadership during times of crisis and offer strategies and suggestions for leaders.

Recorded in September 2020 as a free, live webinar.

About the Presenters

Françoise Mathieu
M. Ed, RP

Françoise Mathieu is an educator, speaker, and trauma-trained therapist. She is the author of The Compassion Fatigue Workbook, founding member of the Secondary Traumatic Stress Consortium, and the Executive Director of TEND.

Cambria Walsh

Cambria Walsh has been working in the field of child abuse and trauma for the past 20 years. She is a TEND Associate and Organizational Health Specialist for the Roadmap to Organizational Health program.

Tamsyn Brennan

Tamsyn Brennan was the Director of Clinical Services at Chisholm Services for Children for 5 years and has worked in palliative care, pediatric oncology, child protection and welfare, public and private school settings and with Corrections Canada.

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