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CARE4YOU 2023 Closing Address

In this closing address for CARE4YOU 2023, Françoise Mathieu presents an overview of key strategies to become a secondary trauma-informed professional and offers some inspiring stories from the field.

June 2023


Reducing Secondary Traumatic Stress

Skills for Sustaining a Career in the Helping Professions

In this book, Dr. Brian MIller offers evidence-informed skills and strategies to regulate distressing emotions and to foster increased empathy for those suffering from trauma.

December 2022


Breaking Your Heart At Work

A Conversation About Career-Sustaining Practices with Dr. Brian Miller

Dr. Brian Miller is an author, researcher, and trauma clinician. In this conversation, he shares his lessons learned about secondary traumatic stress, career-sustaining practices, his research into the CE-CERT model.

October 2021


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